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Tyger Hunt 2014


July 11-13, 2014

Historic Fort Wayne

6053 W Jefferson Ave, Detroit, MI 48209


**Please check back often for updates**

Site Fee: $10 per adult. $5 per child under 18. Under 6 free. $30 Family cap.

  • One fee for all weekend (Friday-Sunday)

  • Sunday only fee is donation - Roaring Wastes fight practice is moved here.

  • First 50 paid attendees get a full free feast (You get to eat the cooking demo)

  • Everyone else gets "below the salt"

  • Breakfast is included Saturday and Sunday for people spending the night

Site opens at 12 pm Friday for set-up

Site closes 6 pm Sunday

The fort is open to the public Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 4 pm (The Historic Fort Wayne Coalition expects anywhere from 750-2000 people will pass through).

There will be regular tournaments throughout the day.

  • Armored combat - Fighting, fighting and more fighting

  • Rapier combat (>>More Info Here<<)

  • Archery - Inside the fort! (>>More Info Here<<)

  • Thrown weapons - Inside the fort!

  • Youth Combat - Tourneys at 11:30 and 1:30 for all divisions


Pet friendly (on leash)

The site is bone dry during public hours

After 5 pm the site will be discretely damp. Bring your own beverage (and some to share. It is rumored that Battlefield Brewery will have a presence).

The fort conducts two guided tours, one at 11 am and one at 1 pm. At these times we will "put on a show" (For instance a grand melee). The Baron and Baroness of North Woods will also have a very short court at theses times. There will be some all day demo stations set up (woodworking, black smithing, cooking, fiber arts, armor try-on, etc.). Assistance with these stations would be greatly appreciated. The cooking demo will become the evening's feast after the public leaves.

Only period pavilions or embellished pop-ups will be allowed inside of the fort during public hours. Camping overnight is allowed and encouraged. Mundane tents can be set-up inside of the fort after 4 pm but must be removed before the public arrives on Sunday. LOTS of crash space is available inside of the barracks building.

Crash Space: Bring a mattress / cot / bed roll and you can sleep on the floor on the first floor of the barracks or you can use one of the bunk beds upstairs that won't fit an averaged sized male but should be just fine for the average sized female. Did I mention the barracks is heated and air conditioned?

Bring your raised fire pits - firewood provided for free.

There are modern flush toilets inside the barracks.

Cars will be allowed inside of the fort for unloading and loading only during non-public hours.

For lunch there will be a commercial hot dog stand available on site during public hours.

Merchants must sign an agreement with the Historic Fort Wayne Coalition to be allowed to sell their wares to the public. There a fee $40 payable to the Historic Fort Wayne Coalition. Merchants must sign a vendor agreement with Historic Fort Wayne. Merchants cannot sell food to the public.

The Nationally registered Historic Fort Wayne is located on the south side of the City of Detroit. The Fort is located in a secure, fenced area, patrolled regularly by the Detroit Police Department and Homeland Security. The only entrance to the Fort is through a manned security gate. SCA members will not have to pay for entrance to the fort.


SCA gets into fort for free!

Yes, you still have to pay at troll.



Media Released Photos

by Ron Lutz

Feast Menu:

1st Course – Cold Food

  • Ham

  • Bread

  • Soft Cheese

  • Salad

2nd Course – Hot food

  • Beef

  • Bacon in pastry

  • Pea’s porridge

  • Oatmeal dumpling

  • Steamed savory bread pudding

3rd Course – Dessert Course

  • Apple bread pudding

  • Fruit pies

  • Fresh Fruit

Below the salt would get the 1st and 3rd course only


Autocrat: Lady Damiana Isabel Cardona (Leree Cardona-Telisky) elftaiz at ameritech dot net Autocrat: Lady Catalina Castillo Diaz y Garcia (Cat Diaz) thepagangoddess at gmail dot com
Feast-o-crat: THL Catherine of Deva  
Archery MiC: Countess Aibhilin ni Dhomhnaill Throw Weapons MiC: Lady Rhuah Jonsdottir
Youth Combat MIC: THL Nyilas Kazmir Armored MiC: Duke Brannos O'Irongardail
Rapier MiC: Warder Michael McCay  


Historic Fort Wayne


The site of Hawkland Moor's Tyger Hunt, July 12-13, 2014


With the awesome support of Their Excellencies of Roaring Wastes, Una and Vlachus

  Partially restored barracks Dance hall Sitting area  
  Entrance from northeast Looking out View from over northeast entry gate  
  View from over northeast entry gate (zoomed)      
  Official Historic Fort Wayne Website  
  6053 W Jefferson Ave, Detroit, MI 48209

-Take your best route to exit 46 off of I-75


-Turn South onto Livernois (One way road)


-Drive past the quaint architecture facades that are unfortunately typical of Detroit


-Livernois will take you straight to the security gate.

  Web Site Issues scheltem at yahoo dot com  

Archery Info:

The archery at Tyger Hunt is a Regional Archer Champions Practice. This will be for anyone interested in practice for the Pennsic Champions team. We will, of course, be doing fun novelty shoots for the general populace (those who just want to go have fun). The theme of the novelty shoots will match the name of the event "Tyger Hunt"