North Woods


Community College


August 31st to September 1st, 2019 (US Labor Day Weekend)




University of Paris


Get ready for some EPIC Workshops!

    House Applegarth
  Make and Take Classes that are scheduled for the whole day or for a half day 5555 Edgar Dr

Event Steward: Baroness Gwenllyen the Minstrel

Clarkston, MI 48346
  hollyharpist at yahoo dot com

Members site fee: $5

Non-members site fee: $10


  • 8:00 Site opens
  • 9:00 to 1:00 4 hours of class
  • 1:00 to 2:00 Lunch
  • 2:00 to 5:00 3 hours of class
  • 5:00 to 6:00 Dinner
  • 6:00 to 7:00 Finish-last hour of class
  • 7:00 to 8:00 Tent tour (you get to see what everyone else did)
  • 8:00 Fire and símores


  • 10:00 to 2:00 4 hour classes, if needed.
  All classes will be outdoors under shade flies / pavilions. Chairs and tables provided.
  There will be a large 25 foot diameter tent for those not taking classes
  Bring your own food for snacks & lunch  
  Water and soft drinks will be available for a nominal fee
  Pizza / subs will be delivered for dinner. Place order at troll


Contact Event Steward

Basic Lamp-work Bead Making  

Make a basket from start to finish


Viking Wood Carving

Making a felted hat or a fabric hat (One or both)  
Love your sewing machine (how to use it and care for it)  

Metal working (Make a piece you can wear)

Music Study  
Basic Bookbinding  
  Basic Lamp-work Bead Making  
  Baronesa Maestra Dulcinea Maria von Muhlberg y Aguilar, OL  

Learn to make glass beads through demonstration and hands-on guided practice using your bead-making kit included in the material cost. The class will cover basic shapes, beginning decorative procedures, and more advanced techniques if time allows. Picture of what you are making. The beads will be less complicated than these.  
  All Day Class

Class Number of students: 3 minimum to 6

Cost of Materials: about $150 (Estimate)

List of Materials: torch, gas, metal table guard with tank ring clamp and c-clamps. Glass, mandrels, mandrel release, shaping tool, mandrel holder, ceramic fiber blanket, safety glasses

  Make a simple basket from start to finish  
  Baroness Catherine of Deva  

Come make a basket that is easy to carry your stuff at an event. It is big enough to carry your phone and tall enough to carry a water bottle. It is a simple basket with a wooden handle. We will discuss period materials as we make the basket.  
  All Day Class

Class Number of students: 6

Cost of Materials: $10

List of Materials: Provided

  Viking Wood Carving    
  Baron Nigellus leHaie    
  The Norse children loved toys and the archeological evidence shows that their parents were quite willing to make them toys. In this class we will carve wooden horses and dolls taken from Viking digs. We will also discuss tools and techniques. This class is for woodworkers of all skill levels. All tools and materials will be provided. The tools are very sharp. You must be over 15 years old and have you mother or wifeís permission.  
  All Day Class

Class Number of students: 6

Cost of Materials: $0

List of Materials: Provided

  Making a felted hat or a fabric hat (One or both)  
  Mistress Isabel Moundoghter    

  • Nedesda
  • Mongol
  • 4 panel
  • 6 panel
  All Day Class

Class Number of students: 8

Cost of Materials: Buy your own fabric

List of Materials: Will be provided to pre-registered students


Love Your Sewing Machine and other sewing tips 

  THL Morgaine nicFhrannsaidh    

Participants are asked to bring their own sewing machine will learn the care and feeding of your machine.  We will be looking at the proper care and cleaning of your machine: How to do routine maintenance.  How the quality of sewing machine needles, thread, etc. make a difference and solving any mess your machine may get itself into.

   4 hr Class

Class Number of students: 6

Cost of Materials: Participants need to bring their sewing machine, a bobbin, scissors, if you have them the screw drivers that came with your machine.

List of Materials: Bring your own sewing machine

  Metal working (Make a piece you can wear)  
  THL Jean LeBref    
  Make a rose bud finger ring, a penannular brooch, and a Shield pendant if time permits  
  Geared to the beginner metal worker who has some previous tool skills.
  • Basic metal twisting (rose bud)
  • Forming and hammering (basic penannular)
  • Basic doming and stamping (shield pendant)
All Day Class

Class Number of students: 5

Cost of Materials: $10

Bring your own tools if you have them.

  Music Study    
  THL Siri Toivosdotter    
  4 hour open-ended music class. We will start where you are and add to your musical knowledge whether it be beginner with reading music or learning an instrument to running a music group of your own.  
  Half Day Class (4 hours)

Class Number of students: 5

Cost of Materials: Student dependent

Tailored to the needs of the individuals.

We need students to register so we can discuss what each student wants to learn before the class begins and we can prepare the materials.

  Basic Bookbinding    
  Basic binding of books, a bit of history, hands-on, and practical application. Participants will learn different types of stitching and page attachment, plus covers, and will leave with a small bound book and/or a girdlebook cover.  
  All Day Class

Class Number of students: 5

Cost of Materials: $5

List of Materials: Paper, leather, wax, thread, cloth (optional).