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Penta-Pentamere Dances


We have been in the SCA for over twenty-four years. We remember the days when every event had “dancing after feast if there is time” or “dancing after court if there is time.” We learned a few dances early-on and those were usually the ones danced first and EVERYONE DANCED! However, many of these dances were out of period. 

Though we enjoy the specialized dance events that occur now, this booklet and accompanying music is an attempt to bring dancing back to regular events. We are focusing on 5 period dances so that everyone can see the same dances many times and hopefully feel that they can dance! They can go to an event feeling comfortable that they will know a few dances. We humbly request that these 5 dances be included at all Pentamere events.

Twenty four years ago we would have loved learning a few dances at an event and getting the steps and the music the same evening. We hope you do, too.

Yay Dancing!

Gwen & Max, Baroness and Baron of North Woods

Jan 2014


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The music is available here >


Petite Rose


Baron and Baroness of North Woods

  Maximilian der Zauberer & Gwenllyen the Minstrel  
  “This is a cute dance and now we have an excuse to learn it!”  
  Montarde Bransle  

Baron and Baroness of Andelcrag


Logan Na'Sealgaith & Zaynab Yasmine


“This was the first dance I learned when I joined the SCA and it is still one of my favorites.” -  Zaynab

  Grene Gynger  

Baron and Baroness of Roaring Wastes


Vlachus Nadasdy & Una Uilebaine

  Black Alman  
  Baron and Baroness of Cynnabar  

Tairdelbach ua Conaill & Hannah Schreiber

  Rufty Tufty  
  Baron and Baroness of Donnershafen  

Cedach na Muir & Meabh ingen Carthaig


“A country song from your country cousins. Oh, And Heart’s Ease is a great dance to do right after it.” - Meabh

  Gracca Amorosa  

Bonus Track


Copies of the Terpsichore Dance Booklet can be found here:


  Musica Subterranea
    CDBaby for the music