Moira O'Dorran, Max & Mad Molly Magee testing the color resolution of you computer Corporate Bob and an adoring fan
(St. Valentines Day Massacre 2006) (Coxcomb Graduation Show - Pennsic 2004 - THL Sophia L'Orange)

Rapier Woods Battle I wouldn't go that way if I were you.
(Pennsic 2001) (Rapier Woods Battle - Pennsic 2001)

Martin gets his first taste of prize winning After countless years of trying, Max finally wins Ottar's Cup
(Youth Rapier Tourney Winner - Pennsic 2002 - age 17) (Yes, that kind of cup - Clancy Day - 2005)

Max & Uadahlrich (Baron Wars 2003)

Max & Uadahlrich (Val Day 2007)


2007 - Ottar finally gets to partake of his own cup Ah.  The taste of victory Ottar's Cup 12 - Ottar
Ottar's Cup 11 - Martyn


Ottar's Cup 10 - Max

Max Helm

Cloth Bevor Cloth Bevor Instructions Leather to fill gap under chin Inside of face plate
Armoring up - Step 1 Armoring up - Step 2 Armoring up - Step 3 Armoring up - Step 4 Armoring up - Step 5
Broken Blade - Del Tin Bated (failed 5/28/06) 3-4 years of good hard abuse, um, use.



Broken Blade - Del Tin Bated (failed 4/7/07) 6-7 years of good hard abuse, um, use.
(This blade had been repeatedly bent at the break point over the past couple years) (Martyn did it)


Broken MKA (failed 5/14/07) I broke my Christmas present on Martyn's hard head, er, helmet


(FYI - the broken piece is taped to Martyn' helmet.  Makes for a great posed photo though)




Polearms! (Experimental MKA Weapons)


AKA "The Max & Martyn Show" per Marco Borromei




Coronation of Ullr and AnneLyse (2008)

Viking Dagger Tourney

(Click here for rules)    
Here there be Norsemen Hey?  Is that Duke Ragnvaldr with Their Majesties? (Insert your favorite fight music here)  
Sven congratulates Egil, the tourney winner Egil receives a Thor's hammer necklace from Their Majesties, and is invited to sit at head table with them at feast. So did you figure out who was who?  
Modification of Max's Safe-Flex dagger   .  


Youth Fencers - August 2009

Mask  Hood