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Beginning Bobbin Lace      
This is a three part bobbin lace class that will be taught at a series of events in and near the Middle Kingdom. I can teach students at different levels, so at the same event different people may be taking either part 1, part 2 or part 3. My goal is for students to look at a pattern and be able to make the lace on their own. If I am at an event, I can teach the class, even if I am not on the official A&S schedule for that event.

I taught this at Pennsic 40 (See photos below).

Cost is $30 for all the materials for the series of classes (Materials include pillow, cover, 20 bobbins, pins, thread, bead, patterns, etc.).  29Oct2011 - Red Dragon
  - Scheduled 2-4

Part 1: Learn the basic braid, cloth stitch and half stitch. Students will make a goldfish (2-3 hours)

10Dec2011 - Toys Tourney
7Jan2012 - Kingdom 12th Night
Part 2: Make a bookmark which includes patterns from "The Neu Modelbuch." (2 hours)
- Scheduled 11-2
2Feb2011 - Val Day

Part 3: Begin a period pattern from "The Neu Modelbuch." (2 hours)

- Scheduled 11-2
25Feb2011 - Candlemas
Pennsic 40 Bobbin Lace Class        
Mielke's Fibre Arts (I like the Danish Bobbins)      
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