Baron Maximilian der Zauberer. OP. MOD. OBR.

AKA Bob Scheltema

scheltem at yahoo dot com

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(The Netherlands)

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Dutch Recipes (coquinaria.nl)

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More Dutch Recipes

Low Country Names (St.Gabriel)
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Dutch Heritage (Holland, MI)

  Names before 1150 (NL) de Liebaart de Compagnie van Brederode
'Famous' Dutch proverbs   Painting in the Low Countries Project 1300 De Graven van Holland
Jessica's Brughel Bodice    


Gelres Overkwartier
16th Century Flanders Dress   Dutch Market    
Wooden Shoe Museum (NL)        
Wooden Shoe Factory (NL)        
Friesian Frock Girl (Costume)        

 What is a Scheltema?

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Scheltema Family Tree

Brussels, BE   "Scheltema Complex is the place to be for modern art in Leiden, NL"
Cape Town, South Africa Woodstock, Ontario, Canada
    Boekhandal Scheltema