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Being those articles written by members of the Company and select articles from other noteworthy sources. The list of traditions has articles specifically related to the functioning of the Company.


German Martial Arts Class

Taught by Master Christian Fournier

  Part I             (No links available)

  Part II

  Part III

  Part IV

  Part V

  Part VI

  Part VII



  Cloak Work, by Warder Alexander Blackram

  Drills for Single Sword, by Baron AElfred of Chester

  Rapier Melees, by Baron AElfred of Chester


Period Research

  Saviolo's Exercises for the Single Rapier, by Warder Philippe de Lyon

  How to Put the Pointy End into the Other Guy, by Guletera Gnostyl, Translated by Warder Adam Comyn



  A Short Discourse on Blade Damage and Steel Quality in Blades used for SCA Rapier and Sidesword Combat, by Warder Kevin O'Shaughnessy

  Report on Durability of Perforated Sheet Steel when Damaged by Metal Penetrators, by Warder Kevin O'Shaughnessy of the MidRealm

  A mimic of a sixteenth century panel chest, by Warder Kevin O'Shaughnessy of the MidRealm (No link available)

  A Portable Take-Down Sword Rack, by Warder Kevin O'Shaughnessy of the MidRealm (No link available)

  So You Want To Make A Rapier Helm, by Warder Kevin O'Shaugnessy of the MidRealm.  (No link available)



  On Being Rapier Champion, by Warder Andrew the Purple

  On the Discovery of a most Excellent Term to use to describe Rapier Combatants, By Warder Kevin O'Shaughnessy

  Ten Questions for Prospective Cadets, by Warder Simon Morcar

  Students/Wards/Cadets - What they are and why, by Baron Adam Comyn

  My experiences as a Rubber Band Gun Artillerist in SCA Rapier, By Warder Kevin O'Shaughnessy

  On Being a Cadet, by Warder Mateo de Madrid